God’s Justice

By / January 9, 2015

God is Perfection. His justice is a part of  His perfect nature.  It is that characteristic of God that made Him place within angel and man a free will even though He foreknew that they could and would use it against themselves, and against Him. For God to withhold or restrict their freedom of choice would be contrary to His perfect nature.

Omnipotence and Omniscience execute perfect justice at all times and in all circumstances, without any limitations or boundaries, without any violation of His love and perfection. God is not intimidated by any situation that may arise, nor is He incapable of resolving any issue that His own creation might bring upon themselves, whether good or evil. Neither would His perfection be  influenced by His foreknowledge of the action of angels and men.  He is the Supreme Being!

Justice is inherent in every single law of God given for man to live by. God does not have to sit on His judgment seat and judge individual cases and nations. This is automatically executed by His law of justice, based on His eternal unchangeable Word and determined as we exercise our free choice.  Angels and man, therefore, decide their own fate based on God’s given Word.

Justice that is within God’s Law weighs the facts, circumstances and motives surrounding the offence and it rules accordingly. It also takes into account God’s plans and purposes. Let us consider the rulings in the case of two of God’s creations—the archangel, Lucifer and the first man and woman, Adam and Eve. I find two aspects of God’s justice applied in the case of Lucifer and of Adam and Eve. In the case of Lucifer, there was no reprieve considered on his sentence for treason and murder.  This was so because Lucifer soberly, consciously, and deliberately used his free will to corrupt himself allowing iniquity to enter his heart. Lucifer was not deceived. Nor was he innocent.  He had forfeited the honor God had bestowed upon him and the privilege of sharing the divine life. This was his choice and justice must follow, and it did.

In the case of Adam and Eve, however, they were granted a reprieve because of their innocence. Adam and Eve were deceived and violated by Lucifer, now called Satan, whose intent was to inflict evil, corruption, and death upon them. Because Adam and Eve did not have full knowledge and understanding of what they were coerced into doing, they did not soberly, deliberately, and consciously direct their free will to challenge God’s universal law and corrupt His established order. Note, however, that their innocence did not exempt them from the consequences of disobeying God’s specific instructions to them. The verdict imposed the penalty of expulsion from the Garden of Eden. This also meant a life without relationship, fellowship, and dialogue with God, as well as strenuous labor for the rest of their life until their flesh, now corrupted, would degenerate, die, and go back to the earth.

God’s justice is not carried out in terms of human knowledge and response, based on right and wrong, good and bad, partiality and impartiality, favor or disfavor. God bases it on the principle of individual choice and consequence. The offence, therefore, determines the course of justice and, as such, God can never be accused of injustice. Justice, being an element of the free will, exempts God from any charge of partiality or injustice. This is why when Lucifer and Adam and Eve chose to violate God’s law, in spite of their position and privilege, God could not withhold justice from taking its course.

God is creation’s example of perfection, holiness and justice and cannot be otherwise. All of creation would crumble if His justice was determined by His emotions or by anything that would result in inconsistencies.  God’s justice, however, is established through His eternal, unchangeable Word.

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