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Book Review


by Her Excellency Rev. Dr. Iva Gloudon
Trinidad & Tobago High Commissioner to Jamaica,
Ambassador to the Republic of Haiti & to the Dominican Republic


What Really is Christianity

Apostle Dr. Austin J. de Bourg expounds in What Really is Christianity, from a position of Love.  A love so deep, that like Christ, he does not want to see man eternally separated from God.

Apostle contends that today we are caught up in Religious Christianity, Secular Christianity and Humanism which are all founded by men and in many respects diametrically differ from Christ’s Christianity.

Christ’s Christianity is NOT a religion.  As Apostle de Bourg historically traces for us – it never was and never will be.

Christ’s Christianity “is and will always be a personal relationship between an individual and Jesus Christ.”  “God is after relationship not religion.”

In many respects, we tend to view Christianity from our perspective.  What we think or what we feel being a Christian is.  The author helps us to see Christianity from God’s perspective and as you delve into the book you will see how often we miss the mark.

You need to purchase your own copies and you need to read the books.  These books should be your own as you will need to go through them diligently in order to extract the gems that are presented.  But let me whet your appetite by letting you know that Chapter 5: The Reality and Conflict of the Dual Nature of the Christian  is where the rubber meets the road.  Man as flesh and Man as Spirit is enunciated in a way that I do not believe we have heard before.  It is clear, concise and lays down the gauntlet for all of us who endeavour to take this walk.

That Apostle Dr. Austin de Bourg could have such spiritual insights is an example of What Really is Christianity.  Only a profoundly deep and intimate relationship with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit can reveal these insights.   The cost to the Apostle in receiving such revelation had to involve blood, sweat, separation, aloneness and many tears!

Listen to Apostle de Bourg:

“The early Christians knew who they were and they understood that as spiritually reborn sons of God, through their birthright, they had the privilege of accessing the superior spiritual realm which enabled them to influence their natural environment and bring needed change.”

“Theirs was a Christianity that brought miraculous healing, deliverance and freedom for all those who were in bondage to sin, sickness and the evils that constantly seek to keep mankind disconnected from God.”

Might I suggest that today, for many of us, when we look at the state of our lives and that of our families, our communities, our country, our region and the wider world; it might very well be that the content of these two books can go a very long way in restoring us, not only personally and as a nation, but also globally.

We need Divine Revelation and Divine Intervention!  Both only come from an intimate relationship with God.

Congratulations Apostle de Bourg for allowing the Holy Spirit of God to so use you in this great commission.