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Working the Harvest

By Dr. Austin J. de Bourg / January 9, 2015

Success, victory, and rewards await those who would bring in the harvest!


The time could not be more ripe for a book like Working the Harvest which presents, with simplicity and clarity, the “how to’s” of fulfilling “Christ’s great commission.”  This book is indeed relevant and vital to those called to bring the end-time harvest into the Kingdom of God.

Finally, we have a resource that provides us with the missing link to true biblical prosperity! This profound book provides the key to activate the promises of God. It teaches how to correctly apply the biblical formula for success and come into the hundred-fold blessings—Divine favour! Divine health! Divine provision! Divine protection! And freedom from satanic oppression!

Working the Harvest brings us back in focus with the real spirit and purpose of Christianity. It shows that our growth and reward are tied closely with fulfilling our responsibilities to the harvest and proves that God supports His principles and not those of men.

Every Christian should have this insightful book in their library. It equips and empowers you to boldly “put your hand around the sickle of your destiny” and do your part while the harvest field is ripe. It challenges you to prove the promises of the Word of God.

As you read and apply the principles in this book you will realize how wonderful it is to do the work that is most important to God, as you discover that there is nothing that God will withhold from you when you become a reaper in His harvest.


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