Saints – Introduction

September 11, 2017

By most definitions, a saint is considered to be a person who has lived an exemplary, moral, and benevolent life that is pleasing to God. There are varying views as to who measures up to such a standard. Some religions have devised their own doctrines on sainthood—on who should be deemed “saints”—without considering God’s view on this subject. This is how error begins.

Many today choose to believe that whatever is given to them by their religious leaders is truth, instead of personally studying the Word of God to determine the authenticity of what they believe and accept.  As a consequence, that which has been propagated as the truth about saints has been handed down through many generations and widely embraced as godly doctrine.

To help us come to the truth of who God calls a saint, let us first look briefly at the origin of the word “saint.”

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