Reverends William & Margaret Seedansingh

January 25, 2015

After completing our first Ministry Training Session, which was conducted by our then Pastor Austin de Bourg, the Lord Jesus Christ called us into the Ministry. At the ministry training sessions, we were taught on the office (designation) and function (administration) of the five-fold ministry. With this knowledge, it was clear to us that we were to function in the office of the Evangelist.

As we have applied ourselves in delivering the word of God, the Lord has been backing up His Word with deep conviction of sin, resulting in salvation, healings and unusual miracles. Much to our amazement, even Pastors and Ministry Leaders are touched and uplifted by the working of the Holy Spirit.

We feel very fortunate to have sat under Apostle de Bourg. His training, mentoring, guidance, anointing and spiritual wisdom have enabled us to stay our course and, in so doing, see the increase in our personal lives and the increasing impact of our evangelistic ministry.

His Apostolic Perspective has surely made the difference in our lives and ministry.

  1. Steve Singh
    April 7, 2015 / 10:30 am

    Great to see you guys, please contact me at the email address…Steve