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Misplaced Righteousness

By Dr. Austin J. de Bourg / January 11, 2015

Why God takes no part in religion!

Man’s righteousness is not God’s righteousness. Discover the difference in this book.

There is a multiplicity of interpretations of the biblical doctrine of righteousness by the many brands of the Christian faith.  Each brand presents its particular interpretation with conviction that theirs is right and the others are wrong.  How then can we know what is true righteousness?

God did not leave His word open to man’s private interpretation but has given us a formula in His word by which proper interpretation of doctrine is attained.  This book unfolds the truth of God’s righteousness by applying God’s formula. It exposes the error and dangers of replacing God’s righteousness with man’s righteousness.

The Spirit of Truth—the Holy Spirit—is a unifying Spirit and not a dividing Spirit. God’s truth is absolute and therefore must be given precedence over all else.

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