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Letter to the Church at Ephesus – First Love & First Works

By Dr. Austin de Bourg / September 7, 2017

Many feel certain that they are right with God and on their way to heaven, when in fact, they are not!

This was the sobering predicament of 5 of the 7 Churches of Jesus Christ as revealed in His letters to them in the Book of Revelation.

Letter to the Church of Ephesus is the first of an expository series on Jesus’ seven letters to His Church. It provides extensive revelation on the fundamental principles of First Love and First Works. Many believe that these two principles are one and the same but, as this book clearly reveals, they are not. With simplicity and clarity, the author guides us through the scriptures to help us to comprehend the significance that God has placed on First Love and First Works and how vital they are to our eternal destiny. As you read, you will uncover the key to maintaining covenant relationship with Jesus Christ and with one another which is so critical in securing your salvation and entrance into heaven.

If you truly desire to be right with God and to secure your eternity with Him in heaven, this seven-part series is definitely for you!

A major eye opener, these seven books reveal just how relevant Jesus’ letters are for us today. They could well be the very thing that is needed to place us in the perfect will of God, as they provide this present-day church with the spiritual “rudder” to steer it on the right course.


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