Know the Truth Volume 2

By Austin de Bourg / September 6, 2017


Discover the remarkable power of Communion!

This book takes the reader on a journey through the scriptures to show the significance of Communion and the extraordinary benefits of this vital ordinance which Jesus Christ Himself instituted just for those who belong to Him.

Know the Truth on Communion  will reveal to you that Communion is infinitely more than a mere religious practice or ritual done out of form or tradition. It provides the necessary insight and clarity to gain the knowledge and understanding of God and His intent for the Communion.

There is no book quite like this one!

It teaches us how to correctly partake of the Communion as Jesus Christ prescribes so that we can reap the full benefits of this ordinance. As you apply the insight, revelation and teachings contained in this study and begin to partake of the Communion as Jesus intended, you will experience the remarkable power of this ordinance to strengthen, heal. deliver and restore!


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