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Apostolic Perspective

Seeing with the Eyes of Christ

by / August 24, 2017
I define apostolic perspective as seeing with the eyes of Christ and understanding with the mind of Christ, the things pertaining to the direction and the positioning of the Church of Jesus Christ. God has a very specific agenda for the Church of Jesus Christ and for the world. Whatever the Church does therefore, must be in keeping with God’s objective and be in...


Message of Redemption to the Redeemed Part I

by / February 6, 2015
Many Christians today pray to God referring to Him as Father but have never really come to know God as Father. We claim that we are “sons of God” but, is not a son an extension of his father? Is this not a position of intimacy? Yet, we, God’s children, have no intimacy with our Father. This article is a message from the very heart of God, our Father to His sons...


The God Kind of Love

by / January 23, 2015
Agape refers to the God kind of love; the love that surpasses Philos (family love) and Eros (sexual love). There is no substitute for Agape. It is the very Spirit of God and therefore is not subject to compromise or distortion whatsoever. Agape is supernatural and cannot be achieved through human effort; it has to be the work of the Holy Spirit. As stated in the...


God’s Justice

by / January 9, 2015
God is Perfection. His justice is a part of  His perfect nature.  It is that characteristic of God that made Him place within angel and man a free will even though He foreknew that they could and would use it against themselves, and against Him. For God to withhold or restrict their freedom of choice would be contrary to His perfect nature. Omnipotence and...