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Austin de Bourg: Endtime Reformer

The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept were toiling…[i] amidst life’s challenges, snares and traps. Compound the aforementioned together with an unswerving commitment to his vocation, an inflexible addiction to perfection and an unquenchable drive to revive, and I now introduce to you end-time reformer, Apostle Dr. Austin de Bourg.

The hallmark of a true leader is the ability to develop other leaders—not only followers—and what a towering shadow this servant has cast over his peers and pews in the arena of birthing an end-time generation of five-fold ministers.

Revivalist Vance Havner once said, “It’s about time we (Christians) cut out the theological grand opera and got back to practising the scales.” In this same vein, Dr. de Bourg’s message and teachings augment and direct a fundamental re-focalization on biblical Christianity and doctrinal sobriety.

The self-sufficient do not pray, the self-satisfied will not pray, the self-righteous cannot pray,[ii] but the man who soaks himself in intense intercessory communion and dialogue with God, like Austin de Bourg, can stand up to anything in life. I discovered this to be the key to his mastery and longevity.

When a man constructs his life upon intimate converse with the Trinity, his footsteps are destined to succeed. We live in a day in which the Church systems are inebriated with titles—instant, overnight, microwaved so-called Prophets, Apostles, Bishops and others. But our Apostle has paid a price. He is no microwaved sensation but a marinated soldier and servant, formed by the very will of God and pre-determined by Him for ordained capacity.

With an amazing cognizance and understanding of this human nature, he once expounded that if we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man’s life sorrow, suffering and trauma enough to disarm all hostility. “Tell me how much you know of the sufferings of your brother and I will tell you how much you have loved him,” he said. Can you see a revelation of the character of the Father’s love in his makeup and predisposition? He loves the unlovable; he forgives the unforgivable; he pardons the unpardonable. I am thankful to Dr. de Bourg for the generosity and unfathomable grace that he has given to others and to me.

For the past 35 years of my life, I have sought out the deeper dimension of God’s infallible, inerrant, irrevocable word with a churning fervency, burning heart and relentless pursuit. I have spent thousands of hours researching the mind of God’s Spirit—and every notable author who has ever lived.  I have studied much of the reformers, and the moves and paradigm shifts of the preceding centuries.

In my opinion, Apostle de Bourg’s recently published books, Misplaced Righteousness, Insights Into The Mystery Of The Trinity, What Really Is Christianity and Working the Harvest, have answered so many questions and have re-established and restored so many unshakeable, blood-bought doctrinal positions—like water cascading down the mountain side and with the sheer power and thunder of 10,000 Niagaras—that the spirit realm of Christianity rejoices! Through his labor and literary masterpieces, reformation that leads to restoration now parades before the universal Church of Jesus Christ.

This man is a son of wisdom for this generation and last great harvest. He is truly a church shaker, a world changer and a national treasure.

Apostle Dr. Austin de Bourg is an end-time reformer.

– Dr. David Karmody

[i] Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
[ii] Leonard Ravenhill