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A Son Indeed

This past weekend I had an epiphany.  I had read four life-changing books by Austin de Bourg 1 over the last few months but I was about to discover that I had not really “gotten it.” I was at the local hospital because my father-in-law had taken ill. As my husband and I waited while Dad was being attended […]

The Lord’s Wedding Gift to Me

When my husband and I got married twenty years ago, our Pastor based the service on Deuteronomy 28. Although this was an unusual choice of scripture for a wedding, I remember being so thrilled as I heard of the fantastic promises of God for those who would walk in obedience to His commandments. It was like […]

Apostolic Perspective

I define apostolic perspective as seeing with the eyes of Christ and understanding with the mind of Christ, the things pertaining to the direction and the positioning of the Church of Jesus Christ. God has a very specific agenda for the Church of Jesus Christ and for the world. Whatever the Church does therefore, must […]